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Absolute Mini Digger Services also caters in the areas of Telecommunication for any Residential, Commercial & Industrial project. Our services cater to any your construction or existing dwelling, be it a new home construction, complete renovation or any commercial application, our Team can assist you with the development and installation.


  • On your behalf we can gather the necessary paperwork & place bookings with your Telco provider
  • Perform the necessary excavations on your property to connect your service, including laying of the conduit (pipes) and running the cable & connecting the cables.
  • We also carry the required work tickets to perform any works required on the street to connect your service to any existing Telecommunication pits or where required install new Telecommunication pits and complete the network connection.
  • Other services provided may include concrete cutting & removal, under pathway or driveway boring, core boring through existing foundations and may more. Feel free to ask our team members other ways our services can assist your projects completion.


Considering some projects may involve more than one (1) dwelling on a block of land, we at Absolute Mini Digger Services can cater towards multiple unit sites. Any project which has 1 or 2 dwellings per site can easily be excavated and conduits and cabling laid to complete your telecommunication needs.

However any project which involves more than 2 dwellings per site require further project planning with Telstra which our team will also complete on your behalf.

Additional services we can provide for you during the construction process include lodgement of any plans or documents to the telecommunication body, multiple dwelling excavation, conduit & cable laying, connection & termination of your services in the street and each premises.

At no additional cost, we also backfill all our trenches to allow your project to move along much faster.